Tourism Awards: Books To Boost School Children

By Maria Vula, Fiji Sun – 1 December 2017

Star Printery Limited creative director Prasanth Amin holding the Educare school exercise books that feature various sporting personalities. Photo: Maraia Vula

Star Printery has introduced its first Educare exercise books that feature well-known sporting personalities into the Fijian market.

It’s a limited edition so get your copy from Sky Glory and City Bookshop Suva.

Company director Vikesh Chauhan said: “With our new Educare books we are featuring well-known sporting personalities.

“Sport plays a major role in every kid’s life. If you go to any school there’s always one that wants to be a Serevi, Jerry Tuwai.

“The books will feature profiles of athletes on the back cover. I want to see a future in Fiji which is based on values. This is something we are trying to enforce and it will go a long way.

“In every edition we have different stories with different values so that for us is how we give back to the community and our children obviously our future.

“Sports binds the nation and so we want to do the same for all sports.”

Avaible in the market are 20,000 copies of the Educare books that feature the 2016 Olympic Sevens Rugby champions, Jerry Tuwai plus Matelita Buadromo, Leslie Copeland and Sally Yee.

Mr Chauhan said they wanted to do something with the sports bodies, so they chose to work with FASNOC.

“There is huge disparity where there are some sports that are famous and some are not so famous.

“As sponsors we can do little, we spoke to FASNOC and told them that we would like to do rugby, athletics, and swimming and some minority sport  to give a bit of limelight to the athletes themselves.

“Hopefully whatever we earn percentage of it goes back to FASNOC to help them grow and obviously sends athletics to participate at future games.”

He said for them as part of their corporate social responsibility they would also give a percentage of what they earn as well to a few charities they work with.

Future plans: 

There are a few projects he said are in the pipeline and as when they are near completion they can reveal.

“We take every day as it comes, to do what we are doing to do it better.

“I would like to see more sports people on the cover page.

“We stand by our products we are a customer company so obviously people deal with us.

“We have got state of the art machinery and previously books used to be imported to the country.

“We chose to eliminate that with the production we have and everything can be done locally and it’s all about buying Fijian Made which we are a licensee as well.”