What We Offer

A4 Sports Edition Feature Image
Star Printery has invested in its own line of exercise books named Educare, which promotes human values and firmly believes that the end of education is character. With our resources, we can cater for personalised exercise books as well.
Star Business Card
Business cards are important for organisations as they create a first impression of your brand whilst carrying your contact details. ID cards are just as pivotal in verifying if an individual is associated with your brand. Star Printery has in-house facilities enhancing your brand’s first impression.
Healing Plants of Fiji Book
Books and publications are the best way to convey essential findings or narratives (stories) to your stakeholders. Star Printery can manufacture many different types of publications and are also able to work closely with you to co-create a publication that is truly unique to your brand.
Island Style Peanut Butter Label and Security Seal
Label printing allows your brand to stand out. With the expertise at Star Printery, we can design and produce a label suitable for your product while conveying the right consumer compliance message you provide.
Star Brochure
Flyers and brochures are a great way for you to quickly promote of inform people about your brand or business. Star Printery can create a flyer or brochure to your exact needs allowing you to efficiently convey the message you intend to do so.
Style Fiji Ticket
Tickets/vouchers/gift cards are a great way for your brand to run a promotion or host an event. Star Printery can ensure you that the ticket/voucher/gift card manufactured according to your specification, will be one of a kind allowing you to also showcase your sponsors whilst having security features.
Thank You Sticker
Stickers play a crucial role in promoting your brand. We at Star Printery, are able to make stickers to your exact specifications allowing you to promote your brand the way you would like to.
Dehydrated Pineapples
Commercial packaging allows us to create a packaging solution for your product. Whether this is for milk powders, ice cream bars or retail gift items, we can co-create a product and a unique experience with our customers enabling your product to stand out.
Fiji Water Pocket Folder
Folders and files are important to properly secure your documents. With the shift occurring from plastic-oriented products, paper made files and folders are the best alternative available for you on the market.
Birthday Card Mockup
Cards come in many different forms and there are many different purposes for them. To make your card a star, Star Printery offers you unique customisation options. This will allow you to connect with the reader and appreciate what they have on hand.
Six Senses envelope
Star Printery has the capacity to manufacture stock and custom envelopes of different sizes enabling you to enhance the image of your organisation.
Star Letterhead
An excellent letterhead enhances your brand image. Letterheads are important for your organisation as they contain important details. At Star Printery, we are able to create a letterhead following your brand guidelines enabling you to showcase/promote your organisation at every step.
Star Deskpad 2020 Mockup
Calendars/diaries/journals all play an instrumental role in keeping our daily affairs in order. You are also able to promote your brand by printing these daily planners and handing them out to clients and corporates making your daily planner unique from the others.
COP 23 Notebook
Notebooks and writing pads are a perfect writing tool for corporate events or for use within your organisation. This is a great way for you to market and have a touch of personalisation within your organisation. These writing tools can be made to your exact specifications.
Star Certificate
Certificates are a great way to recognise an individual and their achievements. To make this an even more special moment, Star Printery can add special effects enabling you to have a great amount of personalisation.
Nestle Wobblers
This a great marketing tool to help you achieve the exposure you are after for your good or service. At Star Printery, we can manufacture wobblers, shelf strips, (door) hangers, and much more to your required specifications assisting you to reach out to your target audience.
Digicel Scratch and Win Card
This type of printing is ideal for you if you are looking to get variable data/secure information printed. Some of the printing in this category includes cheques and cheque books, statements, ballot papers and scratch and win cards.

Graphics Feature Image
The in-house graphics team at Star Printery can develop artworks in conjunction with our clients that are able to mirror your business's brand and values, allowing you to send the right message out to your clients.
EFL Mail House
With the expertise to handle and print variable data, Star Printery is your one-stop shop for mail house services. We can print data, insert them into envelopes and post them to their final destination.
IOM Training Manual
Star Printery’s manufacturing facility has a binding and finishing department. From cutting to folding to binding and special effects, by having these services we are able to offer our customers efficiency and the highest level of quality possible.
Delivery Feature Image
We understand that you may not have the time to pick your project from our manufacturing facility. Therefore, we offer you, our clients, delivery and logistics options releasing your burden. We are also able to ship any given location in the world.

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With experience and expertise in the signage sector, Star Printery can work with you to dress your commercial space or event space to your exact specifications enabling you to create a lasting impression in the eyes of the public. From frosting to one way vision and much more, we do it all.
Educare Hiace
With the expertise of our signage team, we can co-create vehicle liveries and signages with our customers to help them spread the right message to the public allowing you to promote your organization.
Rewa Bridge Sign
Star Printery offers a wide range of outdoor and safety signage solutions which is perfect to notify people hazards around them or spread information by way of outdoor signage helping you gain more exposure.
Fiji Times Pull Up
Through the use of banners and posters, you will be able to ensure that the message you are trying to spread is unmissable allowing you to reach out to a wider range of audience wherever your banner stands.

Feature Image
These packaging solutions are a Fijian Made range of paper made products such as cups, plates, trays, bowls and much more. They are great for household events or for large-scale events. We are also able customize these products for your business.
Digicel Small and Medium Bag
These paper bags are Fijian Made and are a great alternative to plastic bags for your organisation. We are able customize the bags for your business. You using Fijian Made paper made products is a small step in the right direction in the fight against climate change and plastic pollution.