Our Technology

Digital Printing
Digital Printing
Digital printing is ideal for jobs that require quick turnaround times. This process also allows us to run projects with variable data and personalized messages taking your project to the next level.
Sheet Fed Offset Printing
Sheet-Fed Offset Printing
Sheet-fed offset printing helps you achieve the highest quality of print which is suitable for large quantity runs of 500 to 100,000 pieces. This process also accommodates special effects such as the use of metal inks, varnishes, or aqueous coats to help your project be a star.
Wide format printing
Wide-Format Printing
Wide format printing gives your project pristine detail and accuracy. This is perfect for projects requiring promotional banners, vehicle liveries and signages for commercial spaces and events.
Label printing
Label Printing
Label printing allows your brand to stand out. With the expertise at Star Printery, we are able to design and produce a label that is suitable for your product while conveying the correct consumer compliance message you provide us with.