Star Printery Educare Exercise Books Have Toll Free Numbers

The covers of the Educare exercise books now have all the Lifeline numbers printed on them.

By Lusiana Tuimaisala, Fiji Sun – 17 September 2020

Their new Educare exercise books now available on the market. Photo: Aqela Susu

Star Printery yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Department of Substance Abuse Advisory Council (SAAC), of the Ministry of Education.

The signing followed an investment of $2.5million by the printery, where it purchased printing equipment from India, and the upskill of their staff on how to operate the machine.

The covers of the Educare exercise books now have all the Lifeline numbers printed on them.

The signing took place at the Star Printery head office in Raiwai, Suva.

Company director, Vikesh Chauhan, said Fiji had alot of disturbing cases of drug abuse, suicide, and domestic violence.

“The books are already in the market, but we haven’t been active in terms of promoting it,” Mr Chauhan said.

“Star Printery being the largest manufacturer of exercise books in the Fijian market, already have the tools on hand.”

He said children were the biggest users of these exercise books.

The books also allow the Ministry of Education an avenue to create awareness for the children, Mr Chauhan said.

“Many times, these children are left behind, so these books will help, them to reach out for help,” he said.

“The message in the Educare exercise books is loud and clear, and every book has a different story.”

SAAC representative Pretesh Kumar said: “The message on the Educare exercise books will surely reach out to the most vulnerable, students, and parents, and they can call any toll free line if they are facing any issues.”


Mr Chauhan said during the launch of Educare exercise books in 2015, the company invested $2.5million.

“We printed around 100,000 books, and every year the quantity remains the same.”


Mr Chauhan said sales was really low following the coronavirus crisis.

He said the company still maintained its 120 staff, all on full working hours and no one is on pay cut.

Apart from books, Mr Chauhan said the company manufactured paper products, like, paper cups, paper plates, bags and many more.

“We are putting in more designs and images just to make it more attractive.”