Reduction In Duty For Imported Exercise Books Has Seen Clients Import Directly From Asia – Chauhan

Star Printery retains all staff on full pay and working hours

By Naveel Krishant, fijivillage – 16 September 2020

Star Printery Director, Vikesh Chauhan

Despite facing tough times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Star Printery has managed to retain all their staff on full pay and not reduced working hours for anyone.

They are also calling on people to buy Fijian Made Products to help Fijians keep their jobs as the reduction in duty for imported exercise books has resulted in their clients importing books from Asia themselves.

Star Printery has close to 150 staff.

Director, Vikesh Chauhan says they have been affected and business is slow however it is about fighting the tide.

Some of their long term clients have found it cheaper to import books from Asian countries.

Chauhan says retaining the staff on full pay and not reduced hours is the least they could have done given the circumstances.

He adds all these years the staff has been with them and supporting the company, and Star Printery decided because of the pandemic it was not the time to penalise the workers.