Versatile Option for Quick Turnarounds


With on-demand digital printing, you can manage printed inventory, spread out your marketing budget, and protect the environment by reducing waste. Deliver a timely and effective message produced “just-in-time” in the quantities you want with customised messages  for a very effective direct marketing campaign.

With the capacity to generate collateral-on-demand, personalised direct mail and customised publishing, digital printing technology is creating new marketing tools and campaigns that are more powerful, more relevant, more effective and more cost-efficient.

Digital printing allows you to adapt and make these changes easily. With the amazing power of 7 Digital Printing machines equipped with finishing equipment, Star Printery can offer our clients the ability to control and manage their marketing resources like never before. Order what you need, when you need it.


If you feel your content is likely to change frequently, modern digital printing provides you with the flexibility you need to limit the waste once caused by the obligation to place orders for a minimum size print-runs as specified by your supplier. Now you can anticipate and adapt to market changes by keeping your information current, making changes quickly with ease of digital printing technology and printing only the numbers you need.