Local Manufacturer Hopes To See An Increase In Demand

By Praneeta Prakash, Multimedia Journalist, FBC News – 22 September 2021


Star Printery hopes the demand for locally made products will gradually increase.

The company had ventured into manufacturing paper products in a bid to save the environment

Director Sandeep Chauhan says they haven’t seen an increase in demand as some businesses, takeaway shops, and restaurants are closed.

He says their business has been affected just like others.

“Lots of businesses rely on others and ours is no different. So where we’ve got clients in tourism, businesses that rely on other businesses whether they be transport, restaurants, etc. It’s a flow-on effect, so that has had an impact on our business as well and it’s just trying to look at other areas that we could strengthen or make newer products.”

The company manufactures takeaway containers, straws, and cups out of paper after the ban on Styrofoam.

It has spent around $5m in the transition to making paper products.