Fijians Stuck On Styrofoam

By Ritika Pratap, Deputy News Manager, FBC News – 17 April 2021

A local manufacturing company is facing challenges in changing the mindset of the public to switch from Styrofoam to paper products.

Star Printery is the only company in Fiji currently manufacturing takeaway containers, straws, and cups out of paper from scratch after the government’s announcement to ban Styrofoam in a bid to save our environment.

Director, Vikesh Chauhan says it took the company around nine months in research and planning to be able to design and bring in appropriate machinery for the paper products.

“Like I said it is about the mindset because the government has extended the time, previously it was January 1st, where Styrofoam’s and plastic products will be banned, but now because they have extended to August, a lot of people are taking advantage of it and still buying the same.”

The company has spent around $5m in the transitioning to making paper products and has created an additional 15 employment.

General Manager, Amendra Singh says businesses are slowly adapting to the change.

“COVID and pre-COVID times, there are so many new businesses starting up and they need solutions. We’ve been able to do that. We not asking them to do a million pieces, we have minimum quantities on hand that we can supply.”

Star Printery has been in operation for 35 years and is using social media platforms and the local media to create awareness on environmentally friendly paper products.