Businesses Absorp Cost To Increase Production

By Kreetika Kumar, Multimedia Journalist, FBC News – 15 June 2020 | @KreetikaFBCNews

Star Printery Director Sandeep Chauhan

Fijians are being urged to buy locally made products which will enable direct investment into the economy.

Star Printery Director Sandeep Chauhan says Fijians should take more responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Chauhan says local businesses are absorbing the cost and increasing the volume of production to support the economy.

“The flip side is cost, but the cost is the by product of getting the volumes up. If the volumes come up then obviously the prices will come down as well. And if more and more people support local businesses that help Fijians put food on the table then we will all do well out of this.”

Chauhan says buying local will increase economic activity and it will also create job opportunities for Fijians.

He adds this will also help keep the money circulating within the economy.