About 20-30 Men Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Annually

By Luke Nacei, Fiji Times – 7 November 2019

Wilson Makrava (left) with Doctor Ravneil Singh at the Pinktober-Movember event at Star Printery in Suva. Picture: Eliki Nukutabu

ABOUT 20 to 30 Fijian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year.

This was revealed by Doctor Ravneil Singh, a registrar at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Neurology Unit in Suva.

Dr Singh was invited by the Fiji Cancer Society to speak at the Pinktober and Movember morning tea event that was organised by Star Printery in Suva yesterday.

Dr Singh said prostate cancer was a common type of cancer in males.

He said it occurred in the prostate, a small walnut-shaped gland that was only found in men and it produced the seminal fluid that nourished and transported sperm.

Dr Singh also said the cause of prostate cancer was yet to be determined, thus a number of risk factors pertaining to the cause of prostate cancer had been identified.

“One of the many risk factors is age, after the age of 40 or 50 the risk of you getting prostate cancer increases,” he said.

“The other risk factor is family issue, if you have a family issue on prostate cancer or any other cancer, you have a more chance of getting this and another risk factor that has been identified is obesity — this has been indirectly related to prostate cancer.”

Meanwhile, Fiji Cancer Society president Makrava Wilson said the number of cancer patients in the country continued to rise but it was important to encourage individuals to visit the health centres and hospitals for medical check-ups.

This month is dedicated to raising awareness about prostate cancer.

The Movember campaign is usually spearheaded by the Suva Golden Oldies Rugby Club and the Fiji Cancer Society.