Supporting Worthy Causes


Star Printery believes in giving back to the community of which we are a part, and to ensure its sustainability. Our position as one of Fiji’s leading printers has also brought along with it some responsibilities that encourage us to achieve excellence in all facets of our work.

We have also been actively supporting numerous projects such as:

Corporate Sponsor for FASANOC

Since 2002, we have been assisting the parent body of all the sporting federations in Fiji.  Through this joint effort, we have made a tangible contribution to the good health and well-being of our youth. Deserving children have been encouraged to pursue their passion,  without finance being a hurdle as they strive for excellence.

Cure Kids

Star Printery has been a part of Cure Kids since 2006 and we are very happy with our association with such a noble project. The initiative provides assistance to hospitals in paediatrics by not only supplying equipment but also safeguarding the supply of consumables. In addition to this, Cure Kids also ensures that equipment is properly managed and maintained.




Educational Support

Whether it is assisting capable children with school fees, or encouraging them by way of sponsoring prizes at Primary/Secondary level, at Star Printery we believe that the backbone of any society is the education of children who then have a greater ability to bring about positive changes for the future.

We have donated exercise books to the children of St. Christopher’s Home and Methodist Dilkusha Children’s Home. Nothing delights us more than to witness their smiling faces as they prepare for the new school year, and we will continue with this initiative for years to come.

Green Star

Star Printery in its commitment to sustainability, made the decision to reduce chemical usage throughout its plant. We have been one of the first printers in Fiji to implement this Green initiative, keeping in mind our responsibility toward our employees and the environment.

We pride ourselves in being a proactive leader towards using Green materials in all that we do. Over the years, we have renewed this commitment to using WMF and FSC certified papers as well as chemical free inks such as vegetable oil based inks and recycling our waste paper.

In working towards being even more environmentally friendly, we have embraced solar energy to meet as much as possible of our energy needs. With the belief that every little step we take makes a big difference in the future, it is our duty to leave behind a sustainable planet for the next generation.